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Donโ€™t let a no-show
waste your time again

SureMeet is a seamless Calendly add-on that charges refundable deposits, ensuring only committed clients make it to your calendar.

Notice a 90% reduction in no-shows

70% of online meetings fail because clients don't show up

Left on seen. No response. Ghosted after booking meetings. Unserious buyers waste hours of your time.


Waiting for the client to reply


Hoping that they'll attend the call


Realizing they were never serious when they didn't show up

Make every meeting count with our
Calendly Integration

  • Set up payments with Stripe and bookings with Calendly in less than 2 minutes. No coding required.
  • Replace your public Calendly meeting link with our 'Smarter' booking link.

    Customize and make it your brand!
  • Once you create your event, you'll receive a booking link that can be copied and shared with your client.

    Once they've paid the refundable deposit, a one-time Calendly booking link will be sent to their email.
  • You can track if they've opened the link and their payment status.

    Once they've paid, you'll have the option to issue a refund (to be processed after their attendance)

Meetings without SureMeet

  • Dealing with clients who aren't committed
  • Time wasted due to no-shows
  • Low conversion rate
  • Lost potential clients due to unreliable meetings

Meetings with SureMeet

  • Secure bookings with a refundable deposit
  • One-time payment to eliminate no-shows forever
  • Track your booking link
  • Boost conversions with only serious clients


Stop wasting time on no-shows. Start booking serious clients.

Charge a refundable deposit upfront to confirm bookings. Decrease cancellations and no-shows. Increase conversions.

โœจ Launch discount โ€” $50 OFF โœจ




  • Upto 10 events at a time
  • Calendly Integration
  • Connect Stripe
  • Track Booking Links
  • Lifetime Access

One time payment, then it's yours forever





  • Unlimited Events
  • Public Booking Link
  • Customizable Booking Page
  • Calendly Integration
  • Connect Stripe
  • Track Booking Links
  • Lifetime Access

One time payment, then it's yours forever


Frequently Asked Questions

  • You get full access to our Calendly-integrated solution allowing you to secure UNLIMITED appointments (forever), effectively reducing no-shows and increasing conversion rate.
  • Your Stripe is connected to SureMeet, so clients pay directly to your Stripe account.

  • Yes! Your dashboard will update you with every single step a lead takes, from opening the link to entering their information to completing payment.

  • Yes, all the workflows that you have setup on Calendly will work as usual.
  • Click the Log In button at the top of the page. Enter the same email you used to purchase SureMeet. You'll receive a link with step-by-step instructions on how to get everything set up.
  • Cool, contact us by email at support@suremeet.io